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Providing Comfort and Dignity For Your Final Journey | Grace And Glory Hospice

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Providing Comfort and Dignity For Your Final Journey | Grace And Glory Hospice

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You and the entire Grace and Glory Hospice Team were amazing. Thank you so much for everything. God was especially gracious to lead you to our doorstep one minute after Mom peacefully went to Glory. Wow! That was INCREDIBLE that you were there just when we needed you! You are a blessing to us. I will always be grateful for those precious, sometimes challenging, unforgettable 2 ½ weeks my Mom was in hospice service. I miss Mom so much, but I am so happy for her! I know that she is with Dad in Heaven. One of her favorite songs was "Safe in the Arms of Jesus" I know she is with Jesus and my dad! She served alongside Dad for many years as a faithful Mother and Pastor's wife. Her life's story of love and service touched and changed hundreds of lives and continues to do so.

Praying for you today.

Love, Karla


Grace and Glory Hospice has been a dream come true for our mother because she trusts Jane. It has also been a blessing for my brother, who has the support he needs. Grace and Glory Hospice has given our family peace of mind. We are very protective of our Mom. As my brother has said, "Grace and Glory Hospice is outstanding because of the sincere and first-rate care it provides to the most vulnerable."  

In addition, Jane came up with a great idea to honor Mom on her 97th Birthday on July 25th. I had told Jane about how our Mom devoted her entire life to us nine kids all our lives and that after we were all grown up, our Mom raised twins left behind when your youngest sister died in childbirth.  

Jane suggested we allow her to create a photo album (In Mom's favorite color, "PURPLE") of pictures we gathered and sent to her. Such a heartfelt gesture that brought our family closer and honored our mother. The beautiful picture album is now a cherished family treasure for future generations.  

We wholeheartedly recommend Grace and Glory Hospice to other families who are seeking the BEST HOSPICE CARE for their loved ones. We are certain that Jane and her staff would treat all patients with the care she gives our mother.  

With much gratitude,


Looking for guidance on facilitating a peaceful and dignified end-of-life journey for a loved one?

Download our guide, '10 Tips To Ensure The Best End Of Life Journey For Your Loved One,' for valuable insights to help navigate this challenging time. Your loved one deserves nothing less. Download it now and navigate this sensitive phase with more confidence and compassion.

Personalized Home Hospice Care Services in Brentwood, California

Grace and Glory Hospice serves people facing terminal illnesses, offering tailored hospice care services throughout California. Our approach focuses on bringing comfort to patients and upholding their dignity as they navigate the challenges of the end-of-life journey.

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When medical treatments can no longer cure a disease, our team of hospice care professionals in Brentwood, California still can do a great deal to control pain, reduce anxiety and offer needed spiritual and emotional support to patients and their families. Hospice Care at Grace and Glory Hospice is focused on serving and comforting patients and families with their End of Life Care across California.

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In-Home Hospice Care Services in Brentwood, California

When you need a hospice provider in California, you don’t have to go far to find a team that takes pride in delivering reliable, attentive, in-home hospice care. Grace and Glory Hospice is state-licensed, Medicare certified, and Medi-Cal certified.

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Accepting the Journey With Peace

Discover compassionate support in accepting the challenges of a terminal illness which helps individuals and their families find solace and peace during this difficult time.

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Gain clarity and understanding about the various care options available so that you can choose the best path forward.

Expertise to Lighten the Decision-Making Burden

Our caring team understands the emotional complexities of transitioning to hospice care. We provide reassurance and expertise to help you navigate this sensitive decision-making process.

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