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John and Gail ("Gus's kids")

Dearest Jane,

Please accept our heartfelt thanks from the entire family for the care you provided for our dad, Augustus (Gus) during his last days with us here.

His time in the hospital, isolated from all who loved him, was an extremely stressful period. Your perseverance in working with the hospital staff and others to get him home to be with his family on hospice is truly the only reason he was able to be with his family when he passed.

Your compassion in communicating the very delicate information to our Mom, Gloria, and all the family on how to best keep Dad comfortable through those final hours will forever be appreciated.

Grace and Glory is truly the perfect name for what you are doing through Hospice. Through your professional expertise and God’s Grace, you have brought Glory to our God through our Dad’ treatment. Thank you so very much for the continued prayers for our family and know that we will continue to pry for Grace and Glory Hospice and the many families who will be blessed by you in the days to come.

With appreciation and Love,

John and Gail ("Gus's kids")



You and the entire Grace and Glory Hospice Team were amazing. Thank you so much for everything.

God was especially gracious to lead you to our doorstep one minute after Mom peacefully went to Glory.

Wow! That was INCREDIBLE that you were there just when we needed you!

You are a blessing to us, and I will always be grateful for those precious, sometimes challenging, unforgettable 2 ½ weeks my Mom was hospice service.

I miss Mom so much but am so happy for her!

I know that she is with Dad in Heaven. One of her favorite songs was “Safe in the arms of Jesus” I know without a doubt she is with Jesus and with my Dad! She served alongside Dad for many years as a faithful Mother and Pastor’s wife. Her life’s story of love and service touched and changed 100’s of lives and continues to do so.

Praying for you today.



Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K.

Letter of GRATITUDE!

To whom it may concern,

My name is Alison K., and I am writing a letter of gratitude for Grace and Glory Hospice. In early July of this year, my husbands Mom was not feeling well and had lost her will to live. She was 89. She had been living with me and the rest of the family for the last 10 years because she was no longer able to take care of herself. Well, it finally got to the point that I could no longer take care of her on my own and needed help. My husband has spoken with his doctor about our situation and he gave my husband the name of a new hospice care company called “Grace and Glory Hospice.”

After speaking with them, they, (Jane), decided to take my Mom’s case… and I thank God they did! Jane came to meet us all and we all felt like she was brought into our lives by the grace of God. She was a perfect fit for me and my family…. She felt like part of our family to say the least. She guided us every step of the way. Explained everything they were doing and shy… explained all the medications and doses my Mom needed.

Flora, Jane’s (Grace and Glory Hospice Home Health Aide) was also very helpful to me and my family with anything I needed for my Mom…including bed baths, changing of her bedding and dressing her when Mom wanted to get dressed. They both helped us with everything we needed, including just wanting someone to talk to.

Anyways, I, (We) would recommend Grace and Glory to anyone who needs not only hospice care for a loved one, but also an extended family member during your greatest need!

Forever Grateful and Blessed,

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K.

Renee B.


My brother has been my Mom’s caregiver now for over 10 years. Jane Porter RN is the only practitioner among very few others who earned our family’s trust.

She shared her medical expertise often to help us with the daily challenges of care for Mom. For example: wound care that resulted in complete healing of severe wounds that other nurses said would never heal due to our Mom’s age and what they described as her “inability to fully absorb nutrients.” However, despite all odds, Jane never gave up on finding the most effective medical solution that would help Mom’s body heal. We have before and after pictures that show the results of the remarkable healing from the care and instructions Jane provided.

Grace and Glory Hospice has been a dream come true for our Mother because she trusts Jane. It has been a blessing as well for my brother, as he has the support he needs. Grace and Glory Hospice has given our family peace of mind. We are very protective of our Mom, yet as my brother has said, “Grace and Glory Hospice is outstanding because of the sincere and first-rate care it provides to the most vulnerable.”

In addition, Jane came up with a great idea to honor Mom on her 97’th Birthday on July 25’th. I had told Jane about how our Mom devoted her entire life to us 9 kids all our lives, and that after we were all grown up, our Mom raised twins left behind when your youngest sister died in childbirth.

Jane suggested we allow her to create a photo album (In Mom’s favorite color “PURPLE”) of pictures we gathered and sent to her. Such a heartfelt gesture that brought our family closer and honored our Mother. The beautiful picture album is now a cherished family treasure for future generations.

We wholeheartedly recommend Grace and Glory Hospice to other families who are seeking the BEST HOSPICE CARE for their loved ones. We are certain that Jane and her staff would treat all patients with the care she gives our mother.

With much gratitude,

Renee B.

Jane T

All I can say is THANK YOU!

Jane to Jane

We are ever grateful to have found Grace and Glory Hospice last month. Please know that we would highly recommend Grace and Glory to folks who need hospice services.

Here are just a few examples of why:

SUPPORT – Dick’s ambulance ride was delayed from the hospital to California Sunshine Board and Care. Jane, you waited, patiently waited, for Dick to arrive. Overall, you must have been at California Sunshine for several hours before you were satisfied that Dick was as comfortable as possible before you left.

COMMUNICATION – Jane Porter RN fully explained the hospice program. Patiently answered questions. Told us what to expect…what to look for regarding change of Dick’s condition. Immediately responded to questions. Kept us informed about Dick’s condition… when you would be visit.

CARING – You flat out “CARED”!


Jane T.